August 18, 2018

Company Profile

Management continues to successfully oversee Nortex’s Leasehold and mineral interests and is readily pursuing drilling partnerships or leasing opportunities with industry partners to enhance our legacy assets.

Nortex Corporation and its affiliated companies are pursuing non-operated producing property packages through negotiated sales or the bidding process.

Nortex’s current oil and gas holdings consist of interests in over 2,000 domestic producing properties, primarily located in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, California, Ohio and the Rocky Mountain Region.  Nortex has exposure in 688,000 gross (45,400 net) acres.  Nortex’s reserves mix is 50% oil and 50% gas with net daily production of 8 MMCFD and 350 BOPD.

Nortex Corporation is a privately-held exploration and production company located in Houston, Texas.